Clearwater Training Stables

Riding Facility Specializing in the Western Horse!

Clearwater Training Stables is located off of Deep Creek Road, not far from Manhattan, Junction City, Ft. Riley, or Wamego. The barn has an indoor arena, so training and riding lessons can be conducted in all kinds of weather. Rebecca specializes in Western riding lessons and training, but believes that the same basic principles extend to all types of riding. We all want our horses to be light in the face and sides, flexible through the middle, and capable, willing partners for whatever endeavor we choose to pursue with them. As riders, we want to feel comfortable and confident, and have fun!

Here's a picture of Rebecca with one of her horseback riding lesson students. Look at that grin! Child or adult, if this sounds like something you or someone you know would like to do, call (785) 313-4642, or email